Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wow. Again.

Did you know that Virginia gets an average of about 19 inches of snow each winter? Last year we got about two. This winter, however, we're making up for that.

The weekend before Christmas we were hit by what we affectionately call "The Blizzard of 2009." It wasn't really a blizzard. Believe me, I've lived through those elsewhere, and this was definitely not a blizzard. But for Virginia... It was pretty great. We had two feet of snow and a real White Christmas!

After Christmas break, the kids returned to school for a few days before we got hit by another snow storm. This one was much more our style - just a few inches, but as we generally like to do things around here it turned to ice... We enjoyed the ice rink that formed in our neighbors' yard. Oh, and did I mention the temperatures we experienced in January? Let's just say I think Mother Nature forgot we're below the Mason Dixon line...

Last weekend we had snow again. The kids were already off school on Monday for a teacher workday, so it seemed a little wasted. But don't you fret! We got more Monday night. That was the best snow yet. Great, wet packing snow. Perfect for sledding and snowballs. I also really liked having a shoveler in residence. The boys went to school for four and a half hours last week. That's right - part of one day!

Because... Yesterday it started snowing at 10 am. That was a full 24 hours ago. And guess what? It's not supposed to stop until 10 tonight. Given the eight inches on the ground before this one started, and the forecasted two feet by tonight, I'd say we won't be going anywhere for quite some time.

And in case you were wondering, we're LOVING IT!

(We may feel differently when our children are stuck in school all summer, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.)


Rachel said...

Wasn't it nice of the snow to hold off until AFTER Dan got home so you could be snowed in together instead of waiting for cancelled flights? I guess mother nature's looking out for you!

Susan said...

I agree, Rachel, but it's definitely Heavenly Father - he loves the Orrs! And so do we. A lot! And I want to see a picture of the King of Candyland! Hugs.

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