Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This morning Camden woke up really excited - and really early.  He was ready for birthday presents!  For his brother.

That's right!  It's Jake's birthday!

I sure do love this kid.  Seven years ago he changed my life.  No longer was I Jen.  I became, in one moment, Mom.  For that, I am so grateful.

He is kind and compassionate.  He is honest.  He is a hard worker who always does his very best. He's an artist.  He's passionate and feels things deeply.  He is wild and busy.  He is loud. He is Jake!

Happy Birthday Seven-Year-Old!  I love you!


Susan said...

Jake is a special, wonderful boy - I can't imagine the world without his laugh or his high standards and expectations. He will go far (as long as Mom can keep her cool!)

Bob and Della are Jake fans forever!

Cailean said...

Seven is so old, isn't it! Happy Birthday!

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