Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glittery Green Leprechaun Feet

One of my favorite memories of growing up has to do with the St. Patrick's Days I celebrated during elementary school. I can remember arriving at school to discover that leprechauns had been there. And they had left little green footprints all over the place – on the floors, the walls, the windows. This happened every year. It was magical.

Okay, so by the time I was in fourth or fifth grade I figured it out. No, real live leprechauns were not really visiting our little school in Falls Church. In fact, those footprints actually looked a lot like the side of someone's hand. And those little toes, well they looked like little fingerprints... It was still magical. And I have wanted to recreate that magic for my own family ever since.

I finally got my chance last night. Let me tell you, I now have a new respect for whichever teacher/secretary/janitor did all those little footprints around our school. And I only did the windows. Forgive me, but my walls aren't tiled and my floors are hardwood.

Still, it was worth it, and I'm already plotting for next year's leprechaun visit. You should have heard the squeals - and screams – of delight this morning. There was also a lot of hopping. In fact, we were all so excited that we almost didn't have time to eat our green pancakes. (That's right, green pancakes. You gotta love a day when you can eat green food!)

Our day didn't end with leprechaun footprints, either. Tonight we ate the little man's pot of gold! (Imagine more squealing, screaming, and hopping). Oh, and don't worry. I didn't let my children eat gold. We ate lemon Jello Jigglers. In a pot.

Happy St. Patty's Day!


Elise Jones said...

What a fun tradition! And an awesome photo to go with it.

Ketchesons said...

How fun!! I am all excited about it and I wasn't there!!
Elena was so sick today she missed the fun at school :-(
But taking advantage of her ignorance of a calender we are celebrating Friday, and I am so copying your ideas :-)
Miss you tons..

Susan said...

It was Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Mack, every year! There, the secret's out. Love your new layout, you little computer weenie!

Wish I could have been there for the squealing and hopping. It's so much fun! Love, Bob

ekulbeth said...

You're the best mom ever! ANd you're going to be an awesome coach too--I have complete confidence in you:)

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