Thursday, September 25, 2008

If You Give...

Have you read the "If You Give..." books, by Laura Numeroff? Well, they are some of our very favorites around here, and if you haven't yet experienced them, go do it! So fun!

So way back when we were living in Seattle - when my boys were two and three, instead of four and five - I tried my hand at writing like Laura. And then today I came across my little story. And since I think it is pretty clever - and Dan and the boys do too - I thought I'd share. And really, if you don't think it's clever, that's okay. Just don't tell me. I'd like to stay in my little dream world and think I'm great. Thanks.

Oh, and I guess it'll make more sense if I tell you this last little tidbit. It's all true. I promise, this was my life for most of Camden's two-dom. (And I know that's not a word. But you know what I mean). Okay, so here's my story:

If You Give A Camden A Muk-Muk

If you give a Camden a muk-muk, he'll want some duff to go with it. You'll give him two-eeze, a dog, and a monkey. He'll probably tell you it's too heavy, so he'll want to be carried. You'll carry him to the couch. When you sit on the couch, he'll probably ask you to read. You'll have to find his mazawine. The mazawine will remind him of baseball. He might want to play some. He'll want you to play, too. He'll look through the playroom for a batting helmet. Then he'll look under the bed. When he's under the bed, he'll find his brother. They'll decide to play outside. Camden will turn on the hose. Then he'll get all wet. So you'll have to change his clothes. When you put on his shirt, he'll ask you to fix the tag. Then he'll want you to fix the tag again. You'll have to do it ten or eleven times. He'll take off the shirt. When he takes off his shirt, he'll feel cold. You'll have to give him a blanket. The blanket will remind him of his duff. He'll probably ask you for it. And chances are, if you give him the duff, he'll want a muk-muk to go with it.

Vocab lesson:
muk-muk: milk
duff: stuff, as in Camden's collection of "lovies"
two-eeze: two silkies, the main ingredient in "duff"
mazawine: Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine


Ketchesons said...

Pretty clever!! and super cute!!
Is that why he likes your "bunnies" so much?
they are silky, well some of them!

AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...

you are too cute nugget! you are a talented writer!! and those boys of yours are just too cute!!!! :)

Cailean said...

So creative! I love it! It reminds me of something I've seen a couple of times online - a mom's version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Jason 'n Jeanne Family said...

So I love the comment from Camden,"Jesus told me that's not true." At least he is listening:)

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