Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Deadwood Revival

My friend Peesha (aka Alicia) does this neat thing on her blog every Tuesday. She calls it "Listen Up" and she features one of her favorite singers/bands. So I thought I'd share one of mine, too. Only don't expect something every week - I'm not nearly organized enough to do something regularly. Who knows what will be happening around this place next week! It'll probably have something to do with a certain brand-new Kindergartner, but you never can tell. Okay, to get back on subject, I thought I'd share one of our family's all-time favorite bands.
They're called Deadwood Revival, and they're so fun! They're just a local group from Washington State and Dan discovered them at the wooden boat festival last fall. I couldn't find our very favorite song, about a girl named Pearly Blue, but click here to hear a close second. It's my "I'm missing Seattle" go-to song!


Ketchesons said...

Seattle misses you so much it's raining already!

Cailean said...

I love that idea! I have Pandora on all the time when we're home during the day and I'm always discovering new songs or musicians. Thanks for sharing :) I love the Jack Johnson-type vibe :)

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