Sunday, June 22, 2008

"That was AWESOME!"

Thanks Poppy and Aunt Fran for a great weekend! We went to Dutch Wonderland, a theme park dedicated completely to young children, and had a blast. The boys and Laura, a cutie-pie cousin, rode just about every ride and had the time of their lives. The grown-ups had a pretty great time, too! Some of the highlights of the day:
*After riding the roller coaster with Dan, who yelled and screamed the whole time, Jake kindly told him, "Daddy, you don't ever have to do that again." Both Dan and Jake (along with the rest of us) rode that coaster quite a few times more.
*Camden, who couldn't ride the big coaster but would have absolutely loved it, rode the smaller coaster many, many times. His grin was priceless, and he loved that "That ride is really fast!" He also got some ideas from the "really neat" diving show, and I'm going to have to watch him like crazy at the pool tomorrow.
*And the word of the day? "Awesome!" Laura proclaimed many rides, and ultimately the whole day, "awesome!" The boys heartily agreed. As did the grown-ups.

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