Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Racing to Keep Up

Camden, as the little brother, has spent the last four years (almost; Oh my goodness, my baby will be four in three weeks!) racing to keep up with big brother Jake. So, about two months ago Jake got the certificate to advance from the Tots class to the SuperTots class at gymnastics. (So exciting! Go Jake!) And Cammie cried. Poor little guy. His big brother was moving on without him. But since then, Camden has worked so hard and followed directions so well, and yesterday after class he got his certificate! And so next Tuesday Camden will join Jake for class. We are so proud of both of our little SuperTots. And I am so impressed by that little (almost)four-year-old's hard work. Good job working towards your goal, little boy! You did it!

1 comment:

Cailean said...

That is so cute and actually pretty interesting too. They are obviously really bonded and great friends. How wonderful!!! Congrats to both boys!

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