Monday, April 7, 2008


Tonight, Camden taught us all about me. That sounds really funny, but it's true.

Nickname: Mommy; Nugget
Age: 27 years
Birthday: June 4, 1980
Height: really short (5 feet, almost)
Weight: 106 pounds (yes, the dog is much bigger than me, but she doesn't know that)

Favorite Color: orange
Favorite Food: peanut butter and jelly; chocolate, of course!
Favorite Toy: paper, scissors, stamps and glue
Favorite movie: The Princess Bride
Favorite Book: Gone With the Wind
Favorite Sport: whatever my boys are playing, currently tee-ball
Favorite Scripture Story: Helaman's 2000 Warriors (I am a mom, after all)
Favorite Superhero: Action Jackson (aka Underwear-Head Boy)
Favorite People: Dan, Jake, and Camden
I really love my neurotic dog, but I really want a bassett hound (not a beagle, though sometimes I get them confused)
Oh, and the boys thought it was absolutely hilarious that I used to wear a tutu. Really, they just liked the word.

Jake was responsible for our activity tonight, so we played London Bridge. I miss my camera (it's still in Falls Church) at moments like those. There are no words to describe seeing two little boys catch Dan and "lock her up."


Jesse Edwards said...

YEAH!!! A picture of you...and I must say that you look exactly the same! That's a good thing too. I just look older.

Susan said...

I thought you always wanted a Boston terrier and a Boxer. But you are right, there is something about Bassett ears that is not to be denied! Love, Bob

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