Thursday, April 3, 2008


We've been sick. There, that's my justification for not having FHE until last night. But we finally did spotlight Camden!

Nickname: Cammie; monkey
Age: 3.5 years
Birthday: June 17, 2004
Height: 39 or 40 inches? Just a guess based on his brother's height...
Weight: 34 pounds (After two years at 29 pounds, he finally gained five in one month)

Favorite Color: black
Favorite Food: strawberries
Favorite Toy: transformers
Favorite movie: GeoKids and Really Wild Animals
Favorite Book: Chickens To The Rescue
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Scripture Story: David and Goliath
Favorite Superhero: Batman
Recent Accomplishment: graduated to the next level in swim class
Camden wanted everyone to know that his favorite underpants are the Spiderman ones.

We love having Camden in our family. He is such a fun combination of sweet, mischievous, and silly. He eats frowny-face pancakes, wants to paint his bedroom black, and is the best cuddler in the whole world! Camden is also a great athlete, and seems to know naturally how to throw/catch/hit whatever ball he finds. And you have never seen bouncing until you've seen Camden bouncing. The kid never touches the floor!


Susanne said...

Aw! What a cutie! And props to you for doing FHE... we're lucky to get it in even when I'm feeling my best!

Ketchesons said...

That is such a great idea for FHE.I'm going to copy cat you :-)
Yes surgery, I just need to wait a little longer. I have been bless with no pain since we found out we have to wait. I love this gospel!!

sochie said...

what a good idea! love it! your a good photographer by the way!

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