Monday, March 24, 2008

Camden really likes hotdogs!

Well, I goofed up. I took so many cute and fun pictures from our Easter festivities yesterday...and then I left the camera up in Falls Church... So, no Easter post until I get that camera back, which shouldn't be too long since I will seriously go through withdrawal without it.

In the absence of Easter pictures, I thought I'd share Camden's true love -- hotdogs! On Saturday we went to our friends' house (well, to be more accurate, we went to their backyard) for an Easter Egg Hunt and lunch. What a great time! The kids had so much fun searching for eggs, even more fun eating the candy they found inside, and a yummy lunch of hotdogs roasted over a campfire. Camden ate three jelly beans that he dug out of the dirt, a huge pile of strawberries, and two hotdogs. Camden really likes hotdogs!

P.S. Jake ate seven pretzel sticks and five potato chips. He had a peanut butter and honey sandwich when we got home.

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Ketchesons said...

Too much for being a vegetarian! and how does Jake keep his cheeks looking so irresistible with only PB&J's?
Thanks for the encouragment, I feel less nervous knowing that is a simple surgery. Thanks :-)

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