Friday, January 4, 2008


Camden does puzzles. Not just little-boy puzzles. Camden does PUZZLES. I guess he really is just like his Papa -- we already knew he looks just like him, now we know he's a puzzle-man, too! Over New Years Papa got out this totally cool globe puzzle (a gift from Amy and Josh) and Camden sat working with him on it for hours at a time. He even contributed by finding pieces that went together. The correct pieces, I might add, unlike his mother who kept thinking she was doing great only to find out that other puzzle-doers had to take apart the pieces she had put together... Oh well, I never said I was great at puzzles. So we were all amazed at Camden's attention-span and natural ability when working on this very complicated puzzle.
But then yesterday he astounded me yet again! He got out a 50-piece Spiderman puzzle (little tiny pieces), dumped it all out on the table, and did the whole thing all by himself! The child is three years old! Okay, maybe this is so cool to me because I can't do a puzzle to save my life (I'm still stumped by some of the little-kid puzzles the boys can do with their eyes closed), but I think the kid must be a genius! Or at least a lot like his Papa!

PS. Yes, Camden is shirtless in the picture. Camden is usually shirtless. He will use any excuse to take off his shirt, and then his pants... So far he keeps the underpants on, and sometimes has an extra pair on his head, too!


Laurie said...

hey jen! so happy to have found your family blog. and also that my kids aren't the only ones who like to run around missing either their tops or bottoms. :)

Cailean said...

You're right - that is truly amazing. Seriously! Elizabeth can do a 24-piece by herself but usually the first time needs a little help. But a 50-piece?? Those are TINY pieces! It will be so fun to see what he does as he gets older and older. That's a cool globe puzzle!

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