Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Miss You

I miss you, Baby Jackson. We all do. I know you were never really mine, and I couldn't have expected your mommy to leave you with me or anything -- you're way to sweet and cute -- but I still miss you every single day. And especially today. I don't know why, but today my heart aches and my arms ache to hold you.
You're almost 2o months old already! You must be getting into everything and winning everybody's hearts. I wonder what your days are like. I wonder what is your favorite food/toy/song, and I wonder if I will ever stop missing you. Probably not.


Cailean said...

No fair! This needs to have a "pregnant women disclaimer" telling us not to read. He was such a big part of your day for so long. Any way to get in touch with them to see pictures, etc.?

Ketchesons said...

I agree with Cailean, at least I'm not pregnant anymore but hormones are going crazy today. Now my mom is wondering why I'm crying about the baby that is not my friend's baby. I miss him too, his legs I miss his legs :-(

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