Thursday, November 29, 2007

Funny Photo Catch-Up

Hello there! Just thought I should update the blog with a few of my favorite pictures of those "sweet" boys I hang around with.

So, the first two pictures are from the Best Fit Ever. I'm telling you, both boys threw their best fits ever, and at the same time! I have to say it was one of the highlights of my week -- maybe longer. Okay, maybe I should explain: See, ever since the boys were very small -- I think it all started because Camden was such a happy baby and Dan wanted to prove to people that he did cry sometimes-- we've kind of had this obsession with taking pictures of their fits. Okay, we're probably horrible parents and our children are going to grow up with serious psychological problems, but I try to justify it all with, "Hey, at least we don't get all upset and beat them or something... Maybe they'll learn to laugh at themselves since their parents laugh at them all the time..." A stretch, maybe, but it sure makes me feel better about it all! Okay, so back to the fits. The boys were tired, they were hungry, and they both wanted to do completely opposite things, neither of which was going to happen. Oh, and we had just had the home inspection at our new house and Dan and I needed to talk to the realtor. So now you can picture the scene -- we are outside our new house, in our new neighborhood, and our two boys are screaming their heads off. So we wrestled them into their carseats and figured, "hey, let them scream it out there; at least they're safe." But then we couldn't hear ourselves think, much less our realtor, so I just shut the car door. For some reason, this really got them mad. I think my favorite moment was when Jake's hand was inside Camden's mouth. No, I'm not completely sure how it got there, but I think Jake put it there. No worries though, I'm not sure Camden even noticed; he didn't bite -- or even react at all. At least I don't think he reacted; his crying didn't change... So all in all, it was pretty great. For Dan and me, at least. And I don't think there was any permanent emotional scarring. Well, maybe for my brother who watched it all unfold. But the boys seem fine! Just to let you know, the rest of the evening was fine. They recover quickly. The realtor went to McDonalds and came back with cookies, which the boys got to eat before dinner. The got to stay up late watching The Incredibles (that was planned before the fit. We do not reward that kind of behavior around our house, well not usually). The next morning all we had to show for such a great fit were a few pictures, that really don't do it justice. Oh well, when I opened the car door to snap the pictures it kind of distracted them. But c'est le vie!

Okay, so the last picture was taken just a few days later. This is how Jake plugs his nose. Enough said.


Cailean said...

I think that is totally hilarious and definitely a good parenting technique. I have done that once in awhile too. Julia was throwing the HUGEST tantrum and sitting on the floor. My picture of her made her look like she was having a REALLY hard time pushing out a poop. Hahaha. And you know she also plugs her nose like that sometimes. The first time she did it, I couldn't stop laughing for about 5 minutes. I love your posts!

Tracy said...

If I'd have had a camera last week, I would have been able to duplicate that shot. My two boys both decided to throw their worst fits at the same time (spured on by each other) in the carseats while I was driving and then continue while I was stuck in traffic for 20 minutes only 2 miles from our home. Because I had injured my back and was unable to turn around, I just let them "go at it." I figured they couldn't hurt each other too badly while strapped in their 5 point harnesses. I'm just glad our windows are tinted so the other poeple sitting in traffic didn't feel the need to call CPS.

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